The green party – a good choice for Mainburg!

Sustainable – Fair – Diverse

Mainburg, the middle centre and secret hop capital, together with its attractive districts and diverse people of different origins, has great potential for a future worth living.

Because we live here, we work purposefully and transparently for a better quality of life on site, in order to achieve strong results with and for all Mainburgers.

In our city there are a lot of municipal political tasks.

We make sustainable decisions for an intact environment and good social interaction – for present and future generations.

We, the members of the Green party, stand for a strong, cosmopolitan and diverse society in Mainburg!

Create together

  • implement sustainable urban development and effective climate protection measures
  • upgrading the old town, districts and evening promenade to attractive places to stay
  • use vacant buildings and reduce land consumption
  • strengthen fair, ecological and regional procurement in urban facilities

Developing a climate-friendly mobility

  • making paths and roads attractive and barrier-free for pedestrians
  • significantly expand the network of cycle paths and create bicycle parking spaces
  • extending public transport over a large area and get it connected cross-regional

Keep good things and experience new things

  • open new youth centre and maintain indoor swimming pool
  • promoting art and culture
  • protecting nature and the environment for local recreation
  • experience the cultural diversity of different nationalities

Because we live here!

Dr. Erika Riedmeier-Fischer

Dr. Erika Riedmeier-Fischer (© by Yuki Broekers)
© by Yuki Broekers

Because I like living here in Mainburg, I want to help shape a sustainable and climate-friendly expansion of public transport.
People should be picked up where they live.

A particular concern of mine is to limit land consumption in order to preserve the environment and nature of our homeland.

Gerd Kern

Gerd Kern (© by Yuki Broekers)
© by Yuki Broekers

Mainburger for 30 years – I am committed to social justice, peace policy, climate policy, nature conservation, sustainability and fair trade and have a special interest in art and culture as the essence of life.

Against racism and exclusion.

Sarah Beck-Trojer

Sarah Beck-Trojer (© by Yuki Broekers)
© by Yuki Broekers

I would like to use my own experience of living with more sustainability and without plastic waste to act as a role model and raise awareness.

As a native of Mainburg, I would like to encourage people to work together to create a future worth living for our city and for future generations.

Jürko Rykena

Jürko Rykena (© by Yuki Broekers)
© by Yuki Broekers

I support a free WLAN in the city centre of Mainburg. Free-radio routers on public buildings make a valuable contribution to this.

I would also like to expand youth work in our city. Here, education on drugs and unwanted pregnancies is particularly important to me.

Dr. Edda Gehrlein-Zierer

Dr. Edda Gehrlein-Zierer (© by Yuki Broekers)
© by Yuki Broekers

„A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.“
Well-being and health for us humans have long been my concern as a doctor. But also animals and our planet have a right to it. And democracy needs every single one of us.

Now is the time for me to get involved politically.

Daniel Trojer

Daniel Trojer (© by Yuki Broekers)
© by Yuki Broekers

For 7 years I have been getting to know Mainburg again and again. Like in my home South Tyrol, there are many different faces living here: from young to old and from local to „zuagroast“.

I am committed to a coexistence, to a family-friendly city that is home to ALL their faces.